Janice Spurgeon - Mon, 13 Dec 1999

...My reply was "when God is in charge lots".

Hello Everyone,

Hello every one

Well you will be receiving two letters from me today. One is a Christmas story the other this prayer and praise report.

I will keep this one brief (I hope). As you may realize my six weeks here is coming to a close. Before leaving the states I was asked why only six weeks what can you do in that time. My reply to that was "when God is in charge lots". Well, He has not let me down.

I have built relationship with the team as well as staff and directors at two of the orphanages in the area. As well as visited others. Together we have grown both in friendship and in the work. Doors have opened as we learn more about walking by faith and not by sight. We have laid plans for projects for Spring. As provisions come in, we are in the process of purchasing and delivering Christmas gifts for the many children. We have established a website and networking sources to inform people of the work here. We have established a solid prayer team and approached others to join us in the work.

In the orphanages we have been able to have opportunities to share the gospel and to even pray with people at their requests. Doors of opportunity open as they ask us "what is the aura that surrounds you?". We have been blessed to deliver provisions, but most of all to give love and hugs to many. We have seen sad eyes smile, we have seen one girl talk for the first time in several years, we have seen hope appear in lives of those who thought things cannot change. We have given encouragement as they see someone truly cares. We have touched lives with the love of Jesus. All of this comes through His hand not of mine. I am just blessed to be the one God chose to come here but you are the ones blessed to provide the provisions for this all. So when I use the words "WE" it includes you too. Your faithfulness in prayers and gifts make this all possible. The picture God gave me a while ago is making more sense. Joining the body of Christ through the work to the children. The picture was of the Russian people having the physical resources to help the children. The knowledge, ability and willingness. The western people of the world having the financial resources to help make this happen. Joining the two together. And those who can serve let them serve and those who can give let them him give generously. It was like two hands joining as one. The body of Christ is meant to work together. And He is unfolding a plan for this and we each need to be ready to do our part. For me right now the plan is to help those here to see their part of the plan. This is through teaching and encouraging and sharing the love in my heart. And those who encourage let them encourage, and those who teach let them teach. And to those who show mercy let them do it cheerfully. God is not finished with me here yet. I think He is using me for just the beginning of His bigger plan. That plan includes my return here by March to continue the work. I will be filling you in from the states as to the projects we have in mind for Spring and the ways you can be a part of that. If you wish to have me speak to your church, or group, or just get together one on one you can call me at 231-547-1975. Or contact me at this email box.

Prayer requests include

  1. Travel home Leaving Ufa Dec 15 spending a few days in Moscow then arriving home on Dec 18
  2. My health is wonderful but continue to keep this on the list
  3. Wisdom and direction for the future
  4. For continued favor with the government which is mostly Muslim.
  5. For the team of the Children's Fund who continue this work
  6. And especially for the children and staff of each orphanage that they would be touched by the hand of God through this works.
  7. For continued provisions

I thank you my friends for your support to this work. For without you there I could not be here. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will fill you with the spirit of His love. Have a blessed Holiday season and remember He is the reason for the season. Scripture for this time is Romans 8:1-12.

You are in my prayers.

He loves you and so do I

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