Janice Spurgeon - Mon, 3 Jul 2000

We can hardly wait to taste the bread.

Hello everyone,

We send you Fourth of July greetings from Ufa. As you are celebrating our countries great holiday we here are celebrating another event. Let me tell you our story.

The adventure begins!.

It was a beautiful sunny day as we left the city. The car was loaded with all the necessary belongings for our three day trip to the orphanage. Finally the awaited day had arrived, or so we thought. We had received the call telling us they had poured the cement floor and prepared the walls. They said all was ready for us to begin the tile work. It was time for the bakery to become a reality.

We arrived in the small city and were greeted warmly by the director. After tea she ushered us to the local hotel where we were to stay during our visit. The rooms were clean and adequate and the best part was they were no charge. You see we had received favor and the mayor had arranged our housing. God's hand was upon us.

We quickly settled in and prepared to go to work. Upon returning to the orphanage and the work site we were in for a surprise. You see they poured the cement but the leveling left a little to be desired. Also their way of wall preparations was slightly different from ours. They decided that the mortar had to have something to grab hold of so they peppered the walls with holes. JUST CLICK TO SEE LIKE A BUNCH OF WOODPECKERS HAD A PARTY It looked like a bunch of woodpeckers had a party. However this caused the walls to be crumbly. Well, so much for preparations.

So we had to reevaluate the situation and create a new plan. There was only one answer, drywall and steel studs. But also another problem was found. Above the window where they had knocked the plaster loose we saw a decaying frame. After a closer look it was determined new windows would be a necessary addition.

Also in the prep work was some plumbing. However as is the common thing here they used old steel pipe welding them together. They would rust out in a short time. The sink that was donated was the old galvanized folded metal type. It too was ugly, with a rusty frame, and would not wear long. More unexpected items were added to the list of needs.

Upon examining the needed materials and our financial provisions we knew it was a challenge. But it's God's challenge not ours. And He has not missed one yet. What a wonderful opportunity this was. The team joined hands and prayed in the very room where this bakery would eventually be. We prayed for His favor, His provisions and His guidance.

With our list in hand we returned to Ufa. The next day Mark went shopping.

God's hand was upon him. He found all the needed materials for the walls; studs, drywall, stripping, tile adhesive, and even the screws. And guess what? We had slightly more than enough money on hand. Again He shows us He is the God of more than enough.

Today our financial reports came in of the month's donations. Included in it is another $1000 for the bakery project. Praise God this will provide the windows complete with exhaust fan.

So tomorrow as you are celebrating the Fourth of July we are celebrating the provisions of God as we begin this new adventure. Praise God.

His hand is upon this work that will keep bread in the mouths of children. We have no doubts that He will provide the rest of the needed funds for the ceiling and fixtures. We ask for your continued prayers as this project comes to fruition. We can hardly wait to taste the bread. They have promised to let Dale make the first loaf. Psalms 34:8-10 Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. Fear the Lord you His saints for those who fear Him lack nothing. The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

God loves you and so do we
Jan and Dale

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